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I was at the hardware store yesterday and someone noticed the pendant that I was wearing. “Is that an opal?” he asked. “No, it’s only glass.” I replied.

I didn’t elaborate, and he moved on. If we had been in a different kind of place, however — a metaphysical shop, for example — I would have added:

“I wear it for protection from EMFs (electromagnetic fields). It’s called a Rejuvenizer and it’s made of dichroic glass, which was initially developed by NASA. I bought it many years ago at a Whole Life Expo where I saw a presentation by its creator, Dr. Phyllis Light. Check out her website sometime: www.lighthealing.com.”

Prolonged exposure to EMFs, which are impossible to avoid in today’s hi-tech world, can have a negative effect on our health in many ways. Chronic fatigue and headaches or a weakened immune system are just a few examples.

The Rejuvenizer is programmed with various frequencies that help shield the etheric body (the life force that nourishes the physical body) from EMFs as well as repair it.

When I put on a sample pendant at the Expo, I felt a significant shift in my energy. I was more calm, less scattered and had a sense of relief. My intuition said I needed to buy one, so I did.

I have no regrets. I wear it daily or carry it in a pocket. I love that this particular piece of jewelry is both beautiful and preventive “medicine.”

P.S. The Rejuvenizer is made of layers of metal oxides and quartz crystal fused together. I suspect the latter material is the key to how it works. Can you guess why? Hint: Clear quartz crystal is a natural transmitter of energy, and is used in feng shui remedies as well as . . . microchips – truly.  😊