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Humans need oxygen to survive and chi is the life force or energy that permeates all matter on this planet. Chi is also the lowest living organism (bees and plants are the second lowest) and can penetrate up to six or seven feet through most types of walls. So, if high levels of oxygen and chi exist in our environment, they promote health.

Action #1: Set up your space so that there is a steady flow of oxygen and vital chi in every room.

A Front Door with A View

The first sight upon leaving your house is critical. It’s your first contact with the outside world, and what you see affects you literally and figuratively for the rest of the day. Over time, what you see first thing every morning has a cumulative effect on how you relate to the world; what your expectations are; what actions you take; and ultimately how much prosperity you have in your life. So, if you don’t see opportunity, you don’t get opportunity.

Action #2: Remove any obstacles that block your view from the front door.

Good Backing

Every home or office needs good “backing”: strong support at the rear of the space (or on the land) — like the back of a chair – that helps you manifest everything on your wishlist. Without adequate backing, there’s no stability, things fall apart as soon as they’re built, and there’s no long-term prosperity.

Action #3: Look at what’s at the back of your space and declutter, add plants (to increase the vital chi) or shore up the area to create better support for everyone.