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This month marks the 20th anniversary of my becoming a certified Qi-Mag Feng Shui consultant. Hooray! My education began with a series of classes in a San Francisco hotel; took me on a side trip to a fascinating dowsing course in Toronto, Canada; and culminated a year later in 10 days of study on the island of Mallorca, Spain.

Regardless of location, I learned early on that understanding how feng shui worked involved training myself to listen with my eyes, see with my ears and most importantly – pay attention to how I felt about my surroundings.

My teacher, Dr. Jes T.Y. Lim, would often say, “Trust your feelings!” whenever my classmates and I were evaluating photos or a floor plan –and especially when we were on a site visit. I learned that our feelings are the conduit through which our intuition connects with the subtle energies of our environment.

There are physical signs to look for that tell us what’s off-key about a place. Then there is the invisible, energetic signature or pattern that also exists, whether we’re inside a building or outside on a piece of property. Once we can “read” the signature, then we know what remedy or remedies to use to restore harmony and balance.

Of course, sometimes you can’t get a sense of what’s really going on in a place because there are things in the way. The obstacles can be obvious like clutter or more hidden, such as harmful electromagnetic fields (EMFs) underground or problematic energy left behind by previous occupants.

What’s the best way to remove the obstacles? In my experience, the most effective method is to do a clearing: a ceremony that uses intention, the Five Elements and esoteric tools to release negative energy and realign you with your space and your life.

I’ll talk more about clearings in my next post.