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There was a full moon last Saturday, which means the next two weeks will be a time of deconstruction energetically, a time of disintegration and decomposition in the natural world.

It also means that this waning phase of the lunar cycle will be an excellent time to do any kind of clearing work – the mundane type such as decluttering or something more esoteric like letting go of emotional baggage that’s been weighing you down or saying goodbye to a relationship that no longer serves you.

That’s because it’ll take less effort to release old, stuck or stagnant chi with the support of a waning moon. And who wants to work against Nature when we can be in tune with her?

My experience has been that sometimes it’s not enough to put a task on the “to do” list or make promises about tackling a pile of papers/clothes/projects on a particular day or at a certain time. Sometimes it takes a clearing ceremony – done with the proper tools and intention – to shift the balance of energies in ourselves and our environment. The effects are immediate, often palpable, and one can feel lighter or see more clearly (what is in the way) because the energetic “fog” is lifted.

Another benefit of doing a clearing is that it makes it easier for us to access our intuition. We can hear that inner voice more clearly when we’re not distracted or overwhelmed by other energies in our space.

What if a clearing reveals that you’ve just scratched the surface of a larger problem? That perhaps your home or office really doesn’t support the kind of life that you want to have? It may have been fine for what you needed at some point in the past, but things have changed. You have more clarity now, and need something different or want something better.

If this is true for you, then the next step is to create a living or work space that does reflect the real you – starting with a good, strong foundation based on feng shui principles. Of course!