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The key to balancing the gifts and challenges of this Water Tiger year is intuition. Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines intuition as 1) “the power of . . . attaining to direct knowledge or cognition without evident rational thought. . .” and 2) “quick and ready insight.”

I’d like to take it one step further and talk about the source of that power or insight. I believe everyone has an internal compass or navigation system that’s linked to our truest or highest Self. It’s something we’re born with, and connects us energetically to our environment, which includes people, animals, plants, buildings, the skies above, the earth below and more.


Intuition is that inner voice that helps us find out way in unknown territory or make a decision about something that defies logic. Some folks call it our sixth sense, others call it our gut. Regardless, it’s an integral aspect of our being that, given the proper attention and nourishment, can be a powerful tool in our lives.

Years ago I was at a workshop in Arizona where we were learning about what happens when we quiet the mind and eliminate the myriad distractions of our everyday lives. Halfway through the two-week retreat, after two days of silence and fasting, we gathered together to explore a new sense of connection – both to each other as well as our surroundings.

One of the teachers wanted to do a demonstration and asked for volunteers. I raised my hand. I went to the front of the room and someone put a blindfold over my eyes. Minutes later, the teacher silently stood on my left, and with our arms hanging by our sides, she gently put her right palm next to my left palm without making physical contact. She then proceeded to “send” me a picture in her mind of where she had hidden an object in the room, and asked me to find it without removing the blindfold. Hah!

After one false start, I suddenly knew where the object was: I didn’t see an image, but had more of a feeling or knowing. I turned away from the teacher and walked right to the object. I was as astonished and delighted as all of the other students in the room. That was one of several magical experiences at the workshop that set me on the path of developing my intuitive skills.

Fast forward to today. What I’ve learned about intuition is that with practice and patience, we can use it as a guide to:

  • Stay centered and grounded in the midst of crisis or chaos
  • Achieve clarity about goals and aspirations
  • Act out of love, not fear
  • Discern the good from the bad risks
  • Live in harmony with our environment
  • Be brave instead of reckless

You might ask: How does intuition relate to feng shui? Stay tuned for more details about that. ☺