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Last week I talked about how the Year of the Tiger related to the tumultuous events that are still unfolding in Eastern Europe. Today I want to focus on the gifts of a Tiger year.

For example, some of the positive qualities of a tiger include authoritative, brave, adventurous and trustworthy. So you can call on these energies to support you whenever you need that extra bit of courage or confidence to face your fears – whether you’re in a business meeting; exploring the great outdoors; on a blind date; or having a difficult conversation with someone you love.

Furthermore, this particular Tiger year is influenced by the element of Water, which is associated with the emotions, wealth, flow, and a life-giving force. This means that 2022 has the potential to amplify our feelings, heighten our awareness, and bring us opportunities to create abundance on all levels.

How do you balance all of these gifts with the downside of being in a Tiger year?After all, tigers can be stubborn, restless, brash and greedy.

The answer is: Trust your intuition.

Next time I’ll share what I’ve learned about intuition and how it can help you manifest a truly magical life.